Storybrook Play Cafe

shutterstock_177142322-31You know how I am so about promoting local businesses, especially if they are doing something really unique in the community I love! Well, let me tell you about my latest obsession – Storybrook Play Café. Deep in the heart of the Millcreek neighborhood just down the way from Canyon Rim is the perfect place for any Mom (or Dad) to relax with a coffee drink and meet with a friend, while the kiddos play in an adorable and VERY clean play space complete with everything from ball pits and superhero capes to several of the cutest dream cottages for the kids to pretend to be future homeowners someday. It is a really great idea and it gets better…they hold regular events with outside groups, like “Scales and Tails,” “Kindermusik” and if you have been pining to sneak in a workout in this weather, Mommy and Me Fitness and Mommy Daddy and Me Yoga as well. Genius! We love it so much we are having my daughters 9th birthday there in February.
Here is a link to their February events calendar Check them out.

Storybrook Play Café

1538 East 3300 South


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  1. Awesome!! Great job!!

  2. I have to say Storybrook play cafe is the only place I have gone with myb grandaughter all winter without it we would just be shut in. We so love playing ,visiting n eating there! Love you gen Jessie is working she is so very pleasant to be around we want to say thank you fi e all you do! Love Storybrook play cafe!

    1. They are so awesome! I will be sure to pass the praise along. Thanks, Anne

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